Press review

In Milan there is a refined and unique place where you can find fashion, art and advertising. A fair and elegant location where you can organize meetings, events or simply work aperitifs. Salotto Brera, born from the idea of Stefania Mariani, is a business centre that promotes relations and deals.

Over the Christmas period, Salotto Brera is also the right place where lovers of big names can buy products of important fashion brands at discounted prices. Specialized in the stock sector, big distribution and over production, Salotto Brera team buy and resell by exporting the Italian fashion all over the world.

You can find important brands, different collections and samples for women, men and children at showroom prices.

At Salotto Brera Duty Free S.R.L. you can also find the exclusive collection of leather goods and the collection of personalized and custom-made bags.